20 December 2016


  • The Notes format has been updated to include a user’s name (first and last) in addition to his/her username. This modification improves the identification of those whose actions created the note, particularly when the username is not indicative of the user’s given name.

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  • Have you ever tried tabbing through fields on a webpage? You may have noticed unneeded fields get highlighted. For example, users must tab through the browser window options before reaching the webpage. A new Jump feature for staff and agents ensures you tab through BriteCore fields only. To use this feature:
    • Access any BriteCore page
    • Press Tab on your keyboard when the page first loads. A Jump to Main Content link will appear over the BriteCore header.
    • Press Enter on your keyboard
    • Your cursor will move to the first available field on the BriteCore page
    • Type or tab to the next field