10 October 2016

Open loss report | Documentation

  • Catastrophe Title was added to the stock Open Loss Report to better manage claims related to catastrophes like Hurricane Matthew

Hotkeys | Documentation

  • Hotkeys for policies and claims are now available in BriteCore. From a policy or claim, users can switch to another policy or claim. For policies, type the letters g, followed by p on your keyboard (abbreviated for go to policy). For claims, type g, followed by c (abbreviated for go to claim). Both hotkey commands will open a popup window where users can select or search for a specific policy or claim.

  • The search field will display the configured prefix for policies or claims. Press the tab key to fill in the prefix, or leave it blank to search other types of policy/claim numbers.

  • Recently viewed records will appear and be selectable for quick access. As the user types, the system will auto-suggest policies or claims.

  • If the user is currently on a specific tab within a policy or claim and switches to a new policy or claim using the hotkey, the user will be directed to the same tab of the new policy or claim. For example, if a user is viewing the Accounts Receivable tab for policy A and switches to policy B using the hotkey, policy B will open to the Accounts Receivable tab.