14 January 2018

Create Custom Quoting Limit Threshold Error Message

  • The limit-threshold-submission-error advanced setting allows users to create a custom error message that will be displayed if an agent tries to submit an application that exceeds the quoting limit threshold.

Use Comma Separated List for Underwriting Rules

  • When creating an underwriting rule, users can now enter either a range (i.e. 0-50000) or comma separated values (i.e. 20000,30000,40000,50000) for the limit under Trigger.

How to Access BriteCore's Data Dictionary

  • Data frames (data dictionaries) contain data from one or more database tables. At present, BriteCore produces two categories of data: data frames and prepared data frames (data dictionaries). These are stored as CSV files to allow manipulation via other tools, such as Excel and Jupyter.
  • To access the Data Dictionary,
    1. Log in as an administrator
    2. Navigate to Reports
    3. Click Data Dictionary

Customize Processed FNOL or Claims Email Body

  • Users can customize the body of a FNOL email or claim email that is sent to the Agent when a claim has been processed.
  • Variables, such as {reserve} and {cause_of_loss}, will be replaced with the actual values from each processed claim. The Help link gives users more info on adding variables to the email.

Link to Payment Methods

  • In the Administrative Portal, users can click on the Payment Details link on the Accounts Receivable screen to quickly navigate to the Bill Whom's payment method.

7 January 2019

Insured Name Requirement Option for 360 Value Reports

  • The Require Insured Name checkbox on Settings > Vendors > 360 Value controls whether or not a Named Insured is required to pull a 360Value report on a policy. If the checkbox is checked, a Named Insured must be included in the request report.

Private Folder Upload Notes Setting

  • The private_folder_upload_notes advanced setting determines whether or not notes will be created when a file is uploaded to a private folder.
    • False (Default): Notes will not be created when a file is uploaded to a private folder.
    • True: A note will be created when a file is uploaded to a private folder.

31 December 2018

Display the Agency Sweep Account on the Accounts Receivable Screen

  • The allow-sweep-payments-in-billing-setup advanced setting allows clients to determine whether or not to include the agency sweep account in the Payment Method section of the Accounts Receivable screen of the Administrative Portal.
  • This setting is False by default. When this setting is False the agency sweep account is not included in the Payment Method section, which ensures insurance staff do not inadvertently select the agency's sweep account for auto payment on future invoices.

Show/Hide Duplicate Addresses on Inspection Due Report

  • Clients may choose to show or hide duplicate addresses for the same policy on the Inspections Due report. When the inspections-due-omit-addr-dupes-by-policy advanced setting is set to:
    • True: Only duplicated addresses on the same policy are hidden on the Inspections Due report. Addresses that are duplicated on different properties will show on the report.
    • False (Default): All duplicated addresses will be hidden on the Inspections Due report.

24 December 2018

Prevent Multiple Open Revisions

  • The prevent-creation-of-multiple-open-revisions-simultaneously advanced setting prevents users from creating duplicate endorsements. With the setting enabled, users cannot create more than one open revision at a time.
  • By default, this setting is False, and BriteCore allows users to independently initiate revisions (endorsements) on different dates without issuing them.

Postpone Past Outstanding Debits for an NSF Payment

  • In the NSF Payment popup, Postpone past outstanding invoices to: allows the user to apply the postpone date only to past outstanding debits. When the NSF is processed, a past invoice that has not been paid in full will have the new postpone date and cancel date.

Enforce Underwriting and Non-Pay Cancel Dates

  • The Enforce Cancel Date IFF NonPay Cancel is Later Than UW checkbox on the Policy Lifecycle page allows clients to enforce underwriting and non-pay cancel dates. When a policy is set to cancel for non-pay and underwriting, this setting will place a higher priority on the underwriting cancellation if and only if the non-pay cancel date surpasses the underwriting cancel date.
  • The Notice of Cancellation Non-Payment of Premium and Continuation of Coverage - NonPay notices will state:
    • Payment of premium does not override the UW scheduled cancellation. If the Underwriting cancellation gets resolved, the system will revert the cancel date back to the original Non-Pay date.
    • Which case the Continuation of Coverage notice will specify reinstatement of underwriting cancellation does not override the scheduled Non-Pay cancellation

Allow/Disallow Agents to Remove Default Line Items

  • When editing a line item, administrators can determine whether a line item is Default or Mandatory for a policy type using the Line item is <Mandatory/Default> for this policy type checkbox and drop-down menu.
  • In the Agent Portal Policy Builder, line items that are set to Default will display a removal option (red X) and can be removed from the policy. Line items that are Mandatory cannot be removed from the policy.

Show Detailed Information About Insureds

  • The show_detailed_information_about_insureds advanced setting allows users to display detailed information on the Policy setup page and the Information tab for a policy, including address, FEIN Tax ID, and Legal Entity Type.

17 December 2018

Show Policy Wide Premium During Rating

  • The show_policy_wide_premium advanced setting allows clients to display each portion of a policy's premium to agents so they can explain policy premium to insureds during the quoting process.
  • By default, BriteCore shows property coverage and entire policy premiums. With this setting enabled, agents can view each portion of a policy's premium, including the premium for property coverages, policy-wide coverages and entire policy premium.

Import Batch Payments: Enable the CSV File Upload

  • The enable-batch-payments advanced setting uploads a CSV file to populate the batch payments table, rather than requiring the values to be entered manually.
  • If any data corrections have to be made, users can edit values in the table on the Batch Payments page, rather than editing the CSV file and uploading it again.

Premium Write-Off: Option to Add a Reason

  • To improve the audit trail, users can type a Reason for premium write off in the Write-Off Premium popup. The reason is stored in the policy's Notes section.

IVANS Email Notifications

  • When setting up NxTech eDocs and NxTech Downloads services, clients can add email addresses that will be sent notifications when files are built and exported to IVANS servers during nightly export processes.
  • For the policy download notification, a CSV file will be attached to the email.
  • For the eDocs notification, the email will show the file names uploaded and appended transaction codes.

Set Up Custom Claim Status

  • The claim-custom-status advanced setting allows users to add custom claim status codes in BriteCore. The custom status values display on the following BriteCore pages:
    • BriteCore Claim Search status drop-down menu
    • BriteCore Admin Claim Status menu
    • BriteCore reports

14 December 2018

New BriteWiki

We are elated to open the new BriteWiki to our clients. At BriteCon2018, we communicated we would open BriteWiki access to you by the end of 2018. Since BriteCon, our newly-formed technical writing team has conducted user tests with some clients to verify our content is discoverable, our design usable, and our permissions accurate. We feel the BriteWiki is now ready for use.

Starting now, all clients have access to the next-generation BriteWiki. You can access the BriteWiki via direct URL https://britecore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BSHP/overview or by typing britecore.support into your browser. Note that neither http:// nor www is needed when typing britecore.support. You will be directed to the client homepage where a five minute overview video is available. Once accessed, we recommend you bookmark the BriteWiki’s homepage.

We will keep the current support site available, as well as BriteCore links to it, through January to provide time to transition your staff.

Within the new BriteWiki, you will experience a more powerful search and better overall organization. We hope you find this a helpful reference resource on BriteCore functionality and features.


The Education Team at BriteCore

10 December 2018

Contact Permissions

  • Contact permissions are used to determine which users have the ability to view and edit contact roles and login information:
    • Edit and display login information: /britecore/contacts/information/loginInformation
    • Save role data: /britecore/contacts/storeRoles
    • Prevent adding roles: /britecore/contacts/information/retrieveRoles
  • Each role has a custom permission rule that can be added to any Permission Level Group. Permissions for specific roles override the storeRoles rule.
  • If role permissions are set to None, contacts with the role will be hidden from the Contacts search screen.

Non-Pay Cancellations of Agency Billed Policies

  • The nonpay_cancellation_for_agency_billed_policies advanced setting allows both agency and directly billed policies to be canceled for non-pay. This prevents agents from having manually generate deliverables on policies that should have been canceled.

Enforce Min/Max Payment Amount for Sweep Payments

  • This feature prevents sweep payments outside of the current amount due (minimum) and payoff amount (maximum).
  • To enable,
    1. Navigate to Settings > Modules
    2. Click Policies
    3. Under the Policy Lifecycle click the Edit button (confirm the pop-up message, click Yes to save your data)
    4. Confirm the Policy Type
    5. Check the box for Enforce minimum (currently due) and maximum (payoff amount) payment amounts when making agent sweep payments
    6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save

Release Version Added to the Footer

  • In the Administrative Portal, check the footer to see which code base release version the current BriteCore site is running from and when it was last updated:
    • Specific custom code bases are identified by a string of numbers
    • The most recent code base is called "master"

Change the Mailing Date to the Endorsement (Revision) Commit Date

  • When a new revision is created on a policy, the Declaration’s default mailing date is the revision effective date. The use-revision-commit-date-as-dec-mailing-date advanced setting changes the mailing date to be the revision commit date.

14 November 2018

Allow Duplicate FEIN/SSN

  • The allow-duplicate-fein advanced setting allows duplicate FEIN/Tax IDs to be created when set to True.
  • The setting is set to False by default to enforce Risk Clearance. When the setting is set to False and a duplicate FEIN/Tax ID is entered, an alert message is displayed.

Acord AL3

  • BriteCore supports AL3 files, which handle the transmission of insurance information. Currently, BriteCore's Acord AL3 integration needs to be setup in the database, rather than the user interface.

Lexis Nexis Credit Score Testing

  • Lexis Nexis Credit Scoring automatically defaults to Production. However, a radio button under Settings > Vendors > Lexis Nexis Credit Scoring allows clients to toggle between production and test servers so clients aren’t charged for pulling credit scores during the testing process.

8 November 2018

BriteApps Features

Combined Billing

  • The combined billing feature is available in both the mobile and web versions, and this feature is not controlled by a setting. If multiple policies have amounts due, the user will have two options from the dashboard. They can see View Payments on each policy or Pay my Bill on the combined amounts:
    • When users choose View Payments, they can complete the workflow that exists currently.
    • When users choose Pay my Bill, they are directed to the Make Payment screen for making combined payments. From there, they can choose to pay the current due or the entire term.
combined billing briteapps.jpg

Pay the Future Term

  • Making a Future Term Payment is now available in both the mobile and web versions, and this feature is not controlled by a setting. If a policy has the current term paid in full and the next term is available, the policyholder will have the ability to pay that future term.
future term briteapps.jpg

Alert When Property Photos Are Uploaded

  • The ability to be notified when the policyholder uploads a property photo is now available for both the mobile and web versions.
  • The Additional email address to notify when insured uploads a property photo setting allows users to enter email addresses for those who should receive this notification in Settings under Notification.

Enrollment Without a Policy Number

  • Searching for an account during the enrollment process by using Last Name and Date of Birth is now a feature that is available in both the mobile and web versions.
  • You will need to enable the Use user-based search during enrollment setting in order to use this feature in Settings under Enrollment.

Verify Password Field

  • The ability to re-enter a password upon creating an account is now available for both the mobile and web versions.
  • You will need to enable the Use Additional Verification Password Field setting in order to use this feature in Settings under Enrollment.

Administrative Field Update

  • A number of changes have been made to the administrative pages:
    1. Reworked the left Navigation Menu
    2. Renamed some of the pages so that they align with what they are used for
    3. Changed the view for all pages to be in a column view where possible

29 October 2018

Default ISO on Protection Class (PC) Fail

  • The default-pc-lookup-to-prior advanced setting replaces the User Warning for ISO Protection Class Lookup failures with an Admin Processing Error alert email. Then, the setting defaults PC to the prior ISO manual rating.

BCEG Construction Year Setting to Communicate with ISO for Protection Class

  • When the BCEG (Building Code Effectiveness Grading) is enabled, the location address interface will ask to collect the construction year to communicate with ISO. This determines a Protection Class and BCEG Code value for clients.
  • The require-construction-year advanced setting requires users to enter the construction year for the location/risk address model.
  • The show-bcegs-code advanced setting displays the BCEG code retrieved from ISO.

ISO Protection Class Service: Add Configurable URL

  • serviceURL has been added as an optional field to the vendor in the database. A URL set in the database through that field has higher precedence over default URLs that are hardcoded in the application code.

22 October 2018

Set Up Risk Numbering and Naming

  • The complex_risk_naming advanced setting allows users to create a naming convention when adding risks to a policy which automates risk naming. This setting allows users to add one auto incrementing count to the naming convention which can be useful for policies with multiple risks.

Set Up Agency Downloads (IVANS)

  • IVANS is an interface for the exchange of insurance information between property and casualty insurers, agents, and trading partners. Using the ACORD Automation Level 3 (AL-3) standard, industry partners are able to electronically exchange information such as policy/submission, claims, and accounting data.
  • Several changes and additions were made to the IVANS integration:
    • BriteCore added an additional transaction trigger:
      • Primary insured name/address changed
    • BriteCore can now send PDFs to IVANS (edocs) and has a tool to support it
    • BriteCore can now send commissions and claims data to IVANS

Display Coverage Limit on Declaration

  • When enabled, the display-coverage-zero-limit advanced setting displays the coverage limit on deliverables as a number, even if that limit is $0 (zero). Previously, coverage limits of zero were displayed as ***.

8 October 2018

Display the Deductible Value and Percentage

  • Some deductibles are a percentage of coverage rather than a flat dollar amount. The display-adjustable-deductible advanced setting and Display deductible for adjustments in Declarations checkbox allow clients to display the deductible as a percentage and dollar amount on the declaration.

Billing for Unearned/Earned Premium

  • The cancel_invoice_bill_for advanced setting allows clients to determine whether the Cancellation Billing Statement shows unearned or earned premium as the Total Amount Due.
  • Setting cancel_invoice_bill_for to Earned is recommended for clients who use BriteCore's policy administration system.

Print Billing Schedule

  • Agents can print the billing schedule:
    1. Navigate to Billing
    2. Click View Schedule
    3. Click Print Schedule in the pop up window
    4. For optimal formatting, check Background graphics

Allow Payments on Submitted Applications

  • The allow_pay_submitted_policies advanced setting allows users to apply payments to submitted policies using either the lockbox or DCR screen.

Search for Policies on Claims Page

  • Users can search for a policy by policy number or insured's name when filing a claim.

1 October 2018

Disallow Users from Deleting a Contact

  • Two permission level rules enable clients to disallow users from deleting a contact from the Contacts module:
    • The britecore/contacts/removeContact permission level rule controls the ability to delete contacts from the Contacts List screen. When this permission is enabled the red X icon used to delete contacts is hidden.
    • The britecore/contacts/removeContactRole permission level rule controls the ability to delete roles from specific contacts. When this setting is enabled, Delete This Role X (found in the Role section under Contacts > Information) is hidden.

24 September 2018

Customize Sender Email

  • Emails sent from BriteCore come from admin@britecore.com. The primary-sender advanced setting allows clients to customize the sender, for example clientname@clientname.com.

Assign an Underwriter Contact from the Administrative Portal

  • Underwriter revision contacts can now be assigned via the Agent and Administrative Portals.
  • In the Administrative Portal, the field appears under Policies > Information.

Customize C.L.U.E. Filename

  • By default, BriteCore names claim data files sent to LexisNexis using the prefix clup_history_T. The clue_file_prefix advanced setting allows users to customize the filename prefix.

17 September 2018

Label Agents as Agency Administrators

  • An Agency Administrators section has been added to organization contacts, which allows clients to assign administrators to agencies.
  • Contacts assigned as agency administrators
    • Have the agent role
    • Do not have special permissions in BriteCore
    • Are designated by a system tag, Contact Administrator, which makes them easy to identify and contact
  • Within the client's office, agency administrators are responsible for assigning agents to agencies.
  • To add an agency administrator to an organization, complete the following steps:
    1. Navigate to Contacts
    2. Edit an organization or click New Organization
    3. Click Edit beside Agency Administrators
    4. Select the contacts to designate as agency administrators
    5. Click Done

Disable Revisions on Policies No Longer In-Force (Canceled)

  • The following behavior is now the BriteCore default. That is, no setting presently exists to alter the behavior.
  • When a policy is not in-force (canceled), revisions cannot be committed and endorsements cannot be processed.
  • To commit a revision on a canceled policy, the policy must be reinstated.

ISO Prefill Services

  • Prefill Services uses the 360Value API call to get data use in preliminary quoting and rate categories.
  • Prefill Services can populate several fields in the Policy Builder:
    • Exterior Wall Construction Type
    • Percent Wood Framing
    • Exterior Wall Finish
    • Foundation Type
    • Number of Full Bathrooms
    • Number of Half Bathrooms
    • Number of Bedrooms
    • Number of Stories
    • Roof Cover (Type)
    • Roof Shape
    • Use or Number of Families
    • Year Built

Insvista: Non-Renewal Change Log

  • The validate-non-renew-date-log-with-life-cycle advanced setting allows clients to send non-renewable notices to Invista according to the non-renewal configured timeline, rather than when the policy is set to non-renew.
  • For example, if a policy is set to non-renew 90 days before expiration and insureds need to be contacted 60 days prior to expiration, the non-renewable notice will be sent 60 days prior to expiration.

Additions to the Payments Received Report

  • On the Payments Per Policy tab, the Payment Made By column was added.
  • A new tab, Payments Per Payment Type, was added that groups payments by payment time, such as credit card payments.

Printing the Declaration Across Terms

  • The print-deliverable-if-propagation-crosses-term advanced setting ensures that the new renewal Declaration will print if a late term endorsement is processed after the renewal has been issued.
  • Previously, BriteCore would not print the new renewal Declaration.

Resending Missed Files

  • If OnBase fails to receive files for an extended period of time (a day or more), developers can use bin/onbase_tools.py to process files for a specific date range.

12 September 2018

Display Credit Card Fees

  • Credit card fees are now displayed on the Payment Receipt under the amount charged in the Amount column.

ISO Building Code Effectiveness Grading (BCEG)

  • When BCEG is enabled, users must input the construction year. ISO will then return a protection class and BCEG code.
  • To enable BCEG, two settings must be turned on:
    • The require-construction-year advanced setting requires the construction year field in the location/risk address model.
    • The show-bcegs-code advanced setting displays the BCEG code retrieved from ISO.

Set Up Triggerable Events

  • BriteCore stock deliverables are tied to specific events, such as issuing a policy. A new document_events database table allows clients to further define the events that trigger a deliverable.
  • Currently only the application_submission event is supported by the table, but additional events may be added in the future.

10 September 2018

Subtract Agency Commission From Invoice

  • The show_agency_commission_and_premium_separately advanced setting displays the Agency Commission under the Premium Overview column in the Accounts Receivable screen and subtracts this commission from the premium so that the invoice reflects what the insured should pay.
  • This is used when an agency on Agency Billing would like an invoice from BriteCore.

Claim Submitted Email

  • When a claim is submitted, an email is sent to agents designated in the Agent Claim Submitted field in Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts > Claims.
  • To email an administrator when a claim is submitted, use the Claim Submitted field in Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts > Claims.

Default to Prior Protection Class If Lookup Fails

  • ISO Protection Class lookup failures raise a user warning, which halts rating because a user has to choose a new protection class, rate, and commit the policy manually. When enabled, the default-pc-lookup-to-prior setting causes the protection class to default to the previous year's protection class if the ISO lookup fails.

Custom Deliverable Titles

  • The custom-deliverable-titles advanced setting allows clients to use case-specific title wording on Declarations that are triggered by specific underwriting questions.

Display Fee Premiums on the IVANS Report

  • The nxtech-fee-premium-tags advanced setting allows the premium of fee type line items to be reported for IVANS uploads.
  • By default, fee premiums are not displayed on the IVANS report.
  • To tag line items,
    1. Navigate to a fee line item within the Lines tab
    2. Click the pencil icon
    3. Select edit beside "System Tags"
  • Enter “POLFE” (case sensitive) in the NxTech AL3 Codes field
  • Click Done

Allow Payments on Submitted Policies

  • The allow-pay-submitted-policies advanced setting allows users to apply payments to submitted policies when a company issues a payment before the policy has been committed.

Intacct Vendor Location and Dimension Settings

  • A new feature allows clients to use Location ID and Intacct Dimension when enabling Intaact as a vendor.
  • Another feature allows clients to include all Named Insureds on Return Premiums and specify the word used to separate Named Insureds' names.

Disable Billing Setup for Policies No Longer In-Force (Canceled or Expired)

  • When a policy is canceled or expired, changing the billing schedule can cause the billing to calculate against earned, rather than written, premium. To prevent this issue, Billing Setup can no longer be edited on a canceled or expired policy.
  • If Billing Setup needs to be edited, the policy must be reinstated, edited, and then re-canceled.

Search by Insured Name

  • Agents can search by Insured Name in the Payments module of the Agent Portal.
  • If an insured has multiple policies, a popup will appear that requires the agent to select which policy should be paid.

Minimum Earned Premium

  • A new setting allows clients to define a minimum amount of earned premium. To set up a static minimum earned premium,
    1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > Policies
    2. Click Edit under Policy Lifecycle
    3. Click Yes in Confirmation popup window
    4. Select a State
    5. Navigate to Cancellations > Minimum Earned Premium
    6. Enter Amount Due desired
  • Users can also set up a calendar-based minimum earned premium. To enable,
    1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > Policies
    2. Click Edit under Policy Lifecycle
    3. Click Yes in Confirmation popup window
    4. Select a State
    5. Navigate to Cancellations > Minimum Percentage Collected by Calendar Date Range
    6. Click + Add Calendar
    7. Select:
      • Initial Date
      • Final Date
      • MEP Percentage
    8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to add additional Minimum Percentage Collected by Calendar Date

3 September 2018

Hide Unlinked Rate Chain Items

  • The remove-unlinked-rate-chain-items setting allows clients to hide unlinked rate chain items from the Rate Chain Details popup that appears when a user clicks the magnifying glass icon in the Policy Builder.

Designate a Primary Property

  • The show-primary-property setting allows clients to designate a primary property on a multi-property policy in order to provide an accurate rate.

On Base Export

  • On Base as been added as a vendor under Settings > Vendors > Imaging.
  • As part of nightly processing, clients can export policy files and claims loss notices to their FTP server to use with On Base.

Improved Additional Insured Functionality

  • The additional-insured-display-address-allow-deletion setting adds the desired features of the Contact > Generic supplemental question to the Contact > Additional supplemental question. When this setting is enable and the Contact > Additional supplemental question is used:
    • Only contacts on the policy can be selected in the Builder via dropdown
    • The selected contact's address appears in Builder
    • The contact's name and address appear on the Declaration

29 August 2018

Show/Hide Supplemental Questions

  • Users can hide a supplemental question based on a trigger.
  • To enable,
    1. Navigate to Effective Date > Rules
    2. Choose a Policy Type from the dropdown menu
    3. Click + Add Rule
    4. Enter a Rule Name and Rule Description
    5. Select a Category Scope from the dropdown menu
    6. Select Add Trigger and complete necessary info:
      • Policy Type Item
      • Trigger Type
      • Label Name
      • Value
    7. Click + Add Effect
    8. Select Hide Supplemental Question from the Action dropdown menu
    9. Select a Policy Type Item and Label Name

Show Insured Date Business Started

  • The show-insured-date-business-started settings allows clients to include the business start date on the policy application to allow the insured to verify the date, differentiate between two similarly named businesses, and determine if a business complies with underwriting criteria.

Show Property Address as Insured Address

  • The show-property-address-as-insured-address allows clients to show the property address in a Worker's Compensation line.
  • In these cases, the insured's address is not the address being insured and is rarely useful.

New Rating Categories

  • The use-census-block-groups setting allows clients to import and use census block groups during rating. A census block group is a geographical unit used by the United States Census Bureau to public sample data.
  • The use-waterway-polygons setting allows clients to import and use waterway polygons during rating. Waterway polygons identify the shape of waterways.
  • Once the two above settings are enabled, complete the following steps to use census block groups and waterway polygons during rating:
    1. Navigate to Lines
    2. Click on desired Effective Date
    3. Select State
    4. Click the edit icon next to desired Policy Type
    5. Click the edit icon next to desired Line Item under Primary Exposures
    6. Click Rating
    7. Click + Add to Chain
    8. Click the dropdown menu and select Categories
    9. Expand Rate Categories
    10. Click on + Add a Category
    11. Select Census Block Group under Category Type
    12. Click Done
    13. Click Save and Exit

Compare HO to BG Files Quickly

  • The bin/compare_insvista_report_elements.py script allows engineers to compare the HO file to the BG file to identify data inconsistencies.

Specify Entity Types Required to Pull a Credit Report

  • The entity-types-required-for-credit-report setting enables clients to specify entity types for which a credit report can be pulled. Credit reports can only be pulled for the entity types that are listed in the setting. If a user attempts to pull a credit report for an entity type that is not listed, will return an error message.

Update to Legal Entity Types

  • Legal Entity Types are now entered as JSON objects with a type attributed and a name attribute.
  • To set up the options available in the Legal Entity Type dropdown menu,
    1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > Contacts
    2. Under Legal Entity Types, add the legal entity type options as JSON objects with a type attribute and a name attribute
      • Ex: [{"type":"individual","name":"Individual"},{"type":"other","name":"Trust"},{"type":"other","name":"Estate"}]

27 August 2018

Hide a Contact's Social Security Number

  • To better protect a Contact's identity, the mask-ssn-on-edit-contact setting hides all but the last four digits of a Contact's social security number (SSN) when the contact is edited in BriteQuote.
  • This setting is enabled by default.

Address Validation Using Google

  • The google-address-standardization setting allows clients to use Google to standardize addresses.
  • This setting is turned off by default.

Endorsement Summary Deliverable

  • The generate_endorsement_summary setting allows clients to generate an Endorsement Summary deliverable that displays individual changes to an endorsement. This deliverable is useful when an insured requests a change to the policy contract.
  • The Endorsement Summary is located under Deliverables > Endorsement Summary.
  • Endorsement Summaries do not print automatically.
  • To customize an Endorsement Summary,
    1. Navigate to Settings > Deliverables
    2. Search for Endorsement Summary
    3. Click the pencil icon
    4. Make desired changes
    5. Click Save

Allow Agents to Add Payment Methods

  • Changes to the restrict-agent-billing-setup and agent-available-billing-setup settings make it possible to allow agents to add credit cards and ACH accounts within the Agent Portal.

Auto Pull Credit Scores when Insured Information Changes

  • The auto-fetch-credit-score setting automatically pulls a new credit score when the following changes occur:
    • Name
    • DOB
    • SSN
    • Address

New Claim Date Labels

  • Two new labels have been added for claim dates: Litigated by Outside Counsel and Litigated by Inside Counsel.

Add Phone and Email Fields to the File a Claim Form

  • The require-claim-best-contact-phone-email setting adds two new mandatory fields to the File a Claim form in the Agent Portal: Best Contact Phone and Best Contact Email.

Restrict Quoting by State and Policy Type

  • Clients can manage the business locations and lines of business for which an agency is licensed.
  • By default, agents within an agency can write business in all configured business locations and lines of business.
  • Clients must remove unlicensed business locations and lines for each agency. Since access is granted at the agency level, all agents associated with an agency will have permission to write business in accordance with the agency’s configuration.
  • To restrict by state,
    1. Navigate to Contacts
    2. Select Agency from the Filter By dropdown menu
    3. Select an agency from the list of agencies
    4. Navigate to Configuration
    5. Click Add another state to this agency
    6. Select the state to remove or add
    7. Click Remove or Add
    8. Click Save Changes
  • To restrict by policy type,
    1. Navigate to Contacts
    2. Select Agency from the Filter By dropdown menu
    3. Select an agency from the list
    4. Navigate to Configuration in the toolbar
    5. Select the state for the agency
    6. Select the policy type from the Lines of Business
    7. Click Remove or Add
    8. Click Save Changes

Disable Editing for FEIN and SSN Fields

  • The disable_fein_ssn_for_active_policy setting locks the FEIN and SSN fields so they cannot be edited after a policy is set to active.

Require Prior Address

  • The address-type-options setting allows users to classify an address as a prior address.
  • The Purchase Date setting allows clients to require a prior address when obtaining a credit score. To enable,
    1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > Contacts
    2. In the Contact Pop-up section, check Purchase Date for BriteCore and BriteQuote
  • The days_to_collect_prior_address allows clients to specify how many days after the purchase date of a new property the insured's prior address is required.

Login Credential Notification Emails

  • When the emailOnCreate setting is enabled, Contacts receive an email with login credentials when credentials are created or assigned to them.
  • This setting is on by default.

Include All Attachments in Application Email

  • When the application-email-include-all-attachments setting is enabled, all files added to the Attachments portion of the quoting process are included in the submitted application email.

Stop Automatic Policy Renewals

  • The auto_renewal setting allows clients to determine whether or not policies renew automatically.
  • By default, this setting is turned on and policies renew by default.

Changes to Agency Billing | Documentation

  • Agency billing has been updated, and a few new features have been added. These new features allow users to exclude line items from agency billing, hide billing folders for agency billing, and cancel agency billed policies for non-payment.