28 October 2017

New Policy Search for Phone Payments | Documentation

  • The policy search that occurs during phone payments has been updated to include alphabetics in addition to numerals.

Pull System Tags into Deliverables | Documentation

  • A new function, Get_Policy_System_Tags, has been added to render.py that allows users to pull system tags into deliverables.

27 October 2017

Credit Scoring Changes | Documentation

  • The Credit Score Permission Prompt will default to Yes when requoting an insured whose credit score is already on file.
  • The months-credit-score-valid setting allows the user to define the number of months that a credit score on file can be reused before a new one must be pulled.

Disable Notes Edit | Documentation

  • A new setting, Disable Notes Edit, has been added to Settings > Modules > Claims > Options. This setting allows users to limit the amount of time that a user-created note can be edited.
  • You must contact IWS to enable this setting.

Voiding Return Premium | Documentation

  • When a return premium is voided, it will do so in the term during which the return premium was created rather than the current term.

11 October 2017

Show canceled and expired dates

  • BriteCore will now show the cancel or expiration date next to the policy status on Accounts Receivable and Revisions > Information screens.
  • The Due Date and Cancel Date will be hidden on the Accounts Receivable's Currently Due box for canceled and expired policies.
  • This will be released on Monday, October 16th.
Revision screen.png
AR Screen.png

10 October 2017

Endorsement breakdown | Documentation

  • Via a setting, users can now see a listing of endorsements and their associated premium changes on the Accounts Receivable screen.

25 September 2017


  • When using a creditn scoring vendor and an insured without a SS# who is already on file is added to the quote/application, a popup will fire requiring the addition of a SS#.
Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 14.43.53.png

31 August 2017


  • Notes can be sorted by newest first or oldest first. By default, notes are sorted by newest first. To sort notes by oldest first, check Show Oldest First.

9 August 2017

Premium bearing endorsements | Documentation

  • A new setting provides control over accounting behavior for premium bearing endorsements. Via the setting, a new option will always spread endorsement premium among future invoices, if they exist. This is different from the current option, which always creates an endorsement invoice.

Auto pays and endorsements | Documentation

  • A new setting allows for automatic drafting of funds against endorsement invoices.

Issue a return premium to the carrrier | Documentation

  • A new setting allows a return premium to be issued to the carrier.

Add email notices for named insured or additional interest | Documentation

  • A new setting will allow documents, such as declarations and invoices, to be sent electronically to insureds.
  • This feature is still under development. The setting appears on the screen but will not currently send documents electronically.

8 August 2017

Sweep Payment Screen

  • The balances for the current and renewal terms, if applicable, will be visible from the Schedule Sweep screen. See the image below.
  • This change will be released in 3 days on Thursday 8/10.

Default Agent Payment Amounts to Zero | Documentation

  • New setting defaults the amount in the payment field to $0.00 when an agent clicks Pay this amount during a sweep payment.
  • This change will be released in 3 days on Thursday 8/10.

18 July 2017

Track Agency Contacts on a Policy | Documentation

  • Via a setting, users who attach agencies to policies may also assign an agency contact to the policy. The purpose for which is to identify a specific agency contact for customer-service related inquiries.

Add Adjuster Phone Number to Deliverables | Documentation

  • An adjuster's phone number can be added to any deliverable via the {adjuster_phone} tag.

View Unsubmitted Claims | Documentation

  • By default, unsubmitted claims are hidden from the Administrative Portal under the premise that a carrier does not want to know about a claim until it is submitted by an agent. A new setting allows users to control whether unsubmitted claims are searchable within the Administrative Portal.

Add a Hard Stop to Underwriting Questions | Documentation

  • While quoting, a hard stop can now be applied to the initial set of underwriting questions.

21 June 2017

SSNs | Documentation

  • Presently BriteCore disallows duplicate SSNs. A new setting allows duplicate SSNs to exist with in BriteCore to better accommodate insureds who may receive a quote with different agencies. See the documentation for more information.

New Payment Merchant | Documentation

  • A new merchant gateway, iCheckGateway, was added to BriteCore. See the documentation for more information.

Email Branding | Documentation

  • New settings allow carriers to brand the subject line of emails sent to outside users like agents and adjusters. See the documentation for more information.

Update for Claim Emails

  • Agents or agencies, whichever is attached to policies, can receive emails related to claim activity (see our claims documentation. Currently, carriers cannot intuitively assign an email address to which claim activity is directed. With this change a new Direct Claim Activity To setting allows carriers to explicitly set the email address, which appears under the Contacts > Notices section of contacts with a role of agent or agency. The Direct Claim Activity To dropdown will populate with a list of emails defined on the contact.
  • To avoid a change in where emails are currently directed, the Direct Claim Activity To drop down defaults to No email selected. This will provide time for you to update the setting to the desired agent or agency email.

9 June 2017

Premium Written Earned Unearned report

  • Policy effective date was added to this stock report.

Dates to Remember | Documentation

  • The Dates to Remember section has been enhanced on agency contacts for improved tracking of agency touchpoints by carrier marketing representatives. Users can now define and record a list of agency touchpoints. See the documentation for more information.
  • In a future release, users will be able to run reports against the inputted agency touchpoint data.

360Value | Documentation

  • A new property valuation vendor, 360Value, is now available.

23 May 2017

Reinstate an expired policy | Documentation

  • Expired policies can now be reinstated. See the documentation for more information.

Non-renewal description box

  • Users may now include a longer description when non-renewing a policy

First notice of loss | Documentation

  • Via a setting, the Additional Information box on the FNOL can be required. Contact IWS via a ticket to enable this setting.
  • The Loss Notice deliverable can be amended to exclude claims of a certain status. Contact IWS via a ticket to enable this setting.

15 May 2017

Sweep payments within agent portal

  • When an agent views a policy and clicks the Make Payment button, a new Agent Sweep option appears. When selected, the agent is then directed to the Payments module of the Agent Portal with the policy information prefilled. When the payment is complete, the agent will be redirected to the policy.

Note alert

  • When a note has an alert users can now view the alert event or date directly from the screen. This enhancement allows users to quickly ascertain the type of alert or date it will be sent.

Agency experience report | Documentation

  • The loss ratio for the report now supports the following calculation: (losses paid + total lae paid) / written premium


  • Users can now setup a line item so that it modifies another line item by a constant dollar amount. For example, Inflation Guard can increase Coverage A by a constant rather than a factor.

1 May 2017

Impersonate a contact | Documentation

  • BriteCore administrators can now impersonate an agent or agency contact for improved troubleshooting within the Agent Portal
  • On an agent or agency contact, administrators will see an Impersonate this Contact button. When impersonating an agent or agency, the administrator can login as that contact. During the impersonation session, a banner will appear across the top and all notes created in the system will be created as the impersonated contact. Finally, a detailed log of impersonation sessions will be kept in the database.

28 March 2017

Account balances

  • A new Overview as of tool will appear on the Accounts Receivable screen of each policy. The tool allows users to view an account's balance as of some date in the past and future. See the video below for more information.

27 March 2017

Return premium automation | Documentation

  • Two new database settings, rp-print-state-on-reject and days-to-postdate-auto-return-premium, were added to provide additional flexibility with return premium processing

E2Value enhancements | Documentation

  • For clients who use E2Value's Advanced Portico, the property valuation and accompanying PDF are now automatically uploaded into BriteCore during the application process

23 March 2017

First notice of loss searching

  • When filing the FONL from the Agent Portal, an agent will be able to search by policy number or named insured when associating the policy to the claim. As a result, the search process will be slightly different (pictured below). First, the Find Policy but will be removed and second, as a result of removing the bottom, search results will appear as agents start typing into the Policy Search text input box.

New header for agent portal

  • The new header that is presently available in the Administrative Portal will be made available in the Agent Portal (pictured below)