21 February 2018

Printing Options Dependent Upon an Item's Premium | Documentation

  • When enabled, a new setting dictates whether or not forms will be printed for new businesses. When Print only when this item's premium is checked and a condition is selected from the drop down menu, the form may not print based upon the configuration of the setting. Examples of conditions include but are not limited to a premium that is greater than $0; greater or equal to $0; equal to $0, not equal to $0; less or equal to $0; or less than $0.

New Merged Mailings Settings | Documentation

  • The merged_mailing_doc_name setting allows the user to customize the name of the merged mailing documents and the folder.
  • The privatize_merge_mailings setting allows the user to set the Mailings folder to unlocked and viewable by the agent by default. This setting changes the default for future merged mailings, as well as scans the system and updates lock statuses for existing merged mailings.

Custom Name an Exported Report | Documentation

  • If a user selects Put in Export Queue or Export Automatically from the Export Options list when creating a new report in BriteData, the user can add a custom filename to the exported report.

Hide Custom Deliverables | Documentation

  • Users can hide selected custom deliverables from the Custom Deliverables list on a policy in order to limit the length of the list.

19 February 2018

Additions to Underwriting Rules | Documentation

  • A new Trigger Type titled Limit has been added that allows clients to target limits in their underwriting enforcements. Limit values can be added as integers or ranges.
  • A new Effect Action titled Add Popup Message has been added that allows clients to create custom popup messages with associated triggers.

17 February 2018

Customize Agent Submission Email Body | Documentation

  • The Agent Submission Email Body setting allows clients to customize the email body that is sent when an agent submits an application from the Agent Portal.

Agent Portal File Uploads | Documentation

  • The agent-display-file-attachment-button setting enables agents to upload files to policies from the Agent Portal.

13 February 2018

Set Maximum Number of Risks | Documentation

  • A new setting allows carriers to set a maximum number of risks per policy.

To enable this setting:

  1. Navigate to Lines
  2. Click the relevant Effective Date
  3. Under the desired policy type, click the pencil icon to edit the relevant line item
  4. Enter the maximum number of risks you will allow to be written on a policy

11 February 2018

Hide Sublines from Agent or Administrative Portal | Documentation

  • Administrative Portal users with access to the Lines module can now hide sublines from the Agent Portal, Administrative Portal, or both.

04 February 2018

Show Previous Credits and Debits | Documentation

  • Staff and agents can now view a previous term's credit or debit in the Account History table of a policy’s Accounts Receivable screen.

02 February 2018

Display Revision History for Agents | Documentation

  • A new setting allows agents to view the revision history on a policy, located on the Accounts Receivable page.

31 January 2018

Disable Property Valuation Per Policy Type | Documentation

  • Previously, property valuation was automatically enabled for every policy type. This new setting allows clients to enable or disable property valuation for each policy type; this applies to all property valuation vendors.

26 January 2018

Make Print Application Button Visible or Invisible | Documentation

  • In legacy quoting screens, carriers can now hide the Print Application button. By default, it is visible.

24 January 2018

Include Policy Forms with the Declaration | Documentation

  • A new setting allows clients to access policy forms within a respective Declaration’s folder and either attach to an outgoing email or print.

23 January 2018

Provide Carrier Contact on Page Footer | Documentation

  • Carriers can now define contact information on BriteCore’s footer for all users, especially agents, to reference.

Social Security Numbers Required or Optional For Credit Scores | Documentation

  • Previously, Social Security Numbers (SSNs) were required to run credit scores via ISO Credit Scoring. Now, by enabling a setting, credit scores can be run without requiring a SSN.

28 October 2017

New Policy Search for Phone Payments | Documentation

  • The policy search that occurs during phone payments has been updated to include alphabetics in addition to numerals.

Pull System Tags into Deliverables | Documentation

  • A new function, Get_Policy_System_Tags, has been added to render.py that allows users to pull system tags into deliverables.

27 October 2017

Credit Scoring Changes | Documentation

  • The Credit Score Permission Prompt will default to Yes when requoting an insured whose credit score is already on file.
  • The months-credit-score-valid setting allows the user to define the number of months that a credit score on file can be reused before a new one must be pulled.

Disable Notes Edit | Documentation

  • A new setting, Disable Notes Edit, has been added to Settings > Modules > Claims > Options. This setting allows users to limit the amount of time that a user-created note can be edited.
  • You must contact IWS to enable this setting.

Voiding Return Premium | Documentation

  • When a return premium is voided, it will do so in the term during which the return premium was created rather than the current term.

11 October 2017

Show canceled and expired dates

  • BriteCore will now show the cancel or expiration date next to the policy status on Accounts Receivable and Revisions > Information screens.
  • The Due Date and Cancel Date will be hidden on the Accounts Receivable's Currently Due box for canceled and expired policies.
  • This will be released on Monday, October 16th.
Revision screen.png
AR Screen.png

10 October 2017

Endorsement breakdown | Documentation

  • Via a setting, users can now see a listing of endorsements and their associated premium changes on the Accounts Receivable screen.

25 September 2017


  • When using a creditn scoring vendor and an insured without a SS# who is already on file is added to the quote/application, a popup will fire requiring the addition of a SS#.
Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 14.43.53.png

31 August 2017


  • Notes can be sorted by newest first or oldest first. By default, notes are sorted by newest first. To sort notes by oldest first, check Show Oldest First.