31 July 2018

Create a Cancellation Invoice Only When a Policy Cancels with an Account Balance Due

  • When enabled, the create_cancellation_statements_with_account_balance setting ensures that cancellation invoices are only generated when a policy is fully cancelled with an account balance due.
  • By default, cancellation invoices are always generated when a policy fully cancels, whether or not there is an account balance due.
  • To enable this setting, contact IWS via a ticket.

Allow Agent to Change Billing Schedules

  • Currently, agents can update a policy's billing schedule on the Secure Checkout page and in the Payment Sweep in the Payments module of the Agent Portal.
  • Updated settings allow agents to change the billing schedule in the Accounts Receivable screen of an active policy. To enable, contact IWS via a ticket.

27 July 2018

e2Value Button for Administrative Portal

  • If e2Value is enabled, the Go to E2Value button will appear on the policy builder screen in the Administrative Portal and the Agent Portal. See image below.

Agency Quoting Restrictions

  • Clients can restrict which business locations and policy types agents can quote.
  • To determine which business locations and policy types agents can quote, complete the following steps:
    1. Navigate to Contacts
    2. Select the Agency contact
    3. Navigate to the Configuration tab
    4. Use the lists to determine which business locations and policy types agents within the agency can quote
      • The restrictions do not affect the agency, only the agents belonging to the agency.

Allow Agency Quoting by Default

  • The agency-quoting-default-allow setting allows clients to determine whether newly added business locations and policy types are restricted by default.
    • When the setting is True, new business locations and policy types are not restricted by default. The setting is set to True by default.
    • When the setting is False, new business locations and policy types are restricted by default.
  • To enable the setting, contact IWS via a ticket.

AIR Flood Zone Integration | Documentation

  • A new integration with AIR Hazard Service's Flood Zone API automatically supplies flood zone information during rating.

30 June 2018

Claim Payment Classifications | Documentation

  • Classifications can be created and added to claim payments.

Changes to Note Created when Claims Payment Exports

  • When a claims payment is exported, a note is generated. This note now includes the following information:
    • Check number
    • Check date
    • Classification
    • Pay to
    • Address
    • Memo

Batch Payments | Documentation

  • Users can process multiple payments at once using batch payments. To enable batch payments, contact IWS via a ticket.

19 June 2018

Visualize Key Metrics with New Dashboards | Documentation

Dashboards provide agents with Business Intelligence tools for interactive exploration and visualization of the their key metrics and performance indicators such as Policy Counts, Written Premium, Loss Ratio, and more.

Recently, IWS launched two new dashboards: the Agency Experience Dashboard and the Customer Service Representatives Dashboard.

Dashboards are automatically enabled for everyone; restrictions can be applied upon request via a ticket. To disable dashboards, restrict permissions for Agent or Agency roles.

Presently, this dashboard does not support Agency Group contacts. This feature will be added in the future.

Learn how to access and use the Agency Experience Dashboard and the Customer Service Representatives Dashboard.

23 May 2018

Require Users to Accept Custom Terms & Conditions on Login

  • If enabled, the enable-terms-and-conditions-popup setting requires users to accept the Terms & Conditions after entering their login credentials. The Terms & Conditions appear in a popup. If changes are made, users can be required to accept the Terms & Conditions again.
  • To enable, contact IWS via a ticket.

Create Custom Terms & Conditions Content

  • The britecore-terms-and-conditions-text setting allows users to input custom text for the Terms & Conditions.
  • To add custom Terms & Conditions content, contact IWS via a ticket, or complete the following steps:
    1. Navigate to System Wide > Login Information
    2. In the Terms & Conditions section, input the custom content
    3. Click Save
  • To require users to accept changed Terms & Conditions, edit the Terms & Conditions content, and then click Reset Terms for all users.

Display Claim Type or Policy Type in the Header of a Claim

  • The claims-header-type setting allows users to choose whether to display the claim type or the policy type in the right corner of the header of a claim. The claim type is displayed by default.
    • The first image below displays the claim type in the right corner of the header in black text.
    • The second image below displays the policy type.
  • To enable this setting, contact IWS via a ticket.
  Image 1:  Claim Type

Image 1: Claim Type

  Image 2:  Policy Type

Image 2: Policy Type

14 May 2018

Open Images in Preview Pane or New Tab

  • The open-images-in-preview-pane setting allows users to open images in either a preview pane or a new tab.
    • If the setting is set to True, images will open in a preview pane.
    • If the setting is set to False, images will open in a new tab.
  • To enable this setting, contact IWS via a ticket.

Run Scheduled Weekly Reports on Saturday Morning

  • Reports can be run automatically every Saturday morning.
  • To run weekly reports on Saturday morning, complete the following steps:
    1. Navigate to Reports
      • Click the BriteData tab to create a new weekly report, or
      • Select a report from Report List and click Edit Report
    2. Select Once a week (Saturday mornings) from the Run Report Automatically drop-down list

Determine the Number of Days that a Credit Report is Valid

  • The days-credit-report-valid setting allows users to determine the number of days that a credit report is considered valid for a contact.
    • If a credit report it considered valid, the Get Credit Score button will not appear next to the contact.
    • If the credit report is older and no longer considered valid, the Get Credit Score button will appear beside the contact.
    • The setting is set to 0 by default, so the Get Credit Score button will always appear by default.
  • To enable the setting, contact IWS via a ticket with the number of days you would like credit reports to remain valid.

8 May 2018

Disallow Categories in the Policy Wizard

  • A standard category can be disallowed. While quoting with the Policy Wizard, if a disallowed category value is selected, the user will be notified and prevented from proceeding.
  • To disallow a category, complete the following steps:
    1. Navigate to Lines
    2. Select an effective date, state, policy type, and line item
      • The line item must use standard rate categories.
    3. Navigate to the Rating > Rate Categories tab
    4. Select Standard as the category type
    5. Check Disallow

Use a Custom Typeface

  • The Custom Typeface setting enables clients to use a custom typeface in BriteCore.
  • To use a custom typeface, contact IWS via a ticket with information on the font you would like to use.

28 April 2018

Line Items Can Reference Every Instance of Another Line Item

  • The new instance_list attribute allows users to reference and retrieve values from every instance of another specified line item.
    • sum([i.**Variable Name** for i in items[“**Evaluation Rate Object Name**”].instance_list]) references and retrieves values from every instance of the specified Evaluation Rate Object.
    • For example, sum([i.customVar for i in items["Test Multiples"].instance_list]) adds every instance of Test Multiples and provides a sum:
PR 6425.png

24 April 2018

Category Updates Upon Renewal

  • If a category is set to NULL when a policy renews, the category will automatically update to the defaults selected for the line of business.

21 April 2018

Disable Claims in Agent Portal | Documentation

  • Claims can be disabled in the Agent Portal. In place of the module, a custom message will be displayed.

17 April 2018

Lexis Nexis

  • New functionality has been added within the Lexis Nexis Credit Scoring Vendor pop up in Settings > Vendors. After this evening's release, users will see a Production and Test option. This change allows the use of test credentials for Lexis Nexis Credit Scoring Vendor without requesting access from BriteCore. Those currently using the vendor will neither see changes in behavior nor need to take action. This enhancement is to be used during implementation or testing changes to the Lexis Nexis integration.

14 April 2018

Display a System Tag with a Contact | Documentation

  • The Display Contact System Tags setting enables clients to display systems tags with a contact wherever the contact appears in BriteCore.

13 April 2018

Obscure SSNs

  • For those contacts upon which you collect SSNs, only the last 4 digits of the SSN now appear in the Contacts module for that contact.

9 April 2018

Endorsement Summary deliverable

  • The Endorsement Deliverable is now enabled/disabled via a setting and is enabled by default. If you would like to disable the deliverable:
    • Submit a ticket to IWS
    • Request the generate_endorsement_summary be set to false

4 April 2018

Sortable revision history | Documentation

  • Regarding the Display the revision history on the Accounts Receivable page feature, the Revision History screen now allows sorting. Any column can be toggled to sort ascending or descending by clicking on the header of the column.
    Due to browser restrictions, the sorting functionality is unavailable in IE9.

05 March 2018

Custom Favicon | Documentation

  • A new setting allows clients to display a custom favicon on browser tabs. Contact IWS via a ticket to enable this setting.

New Settings for Non-Pay and Cancellation Pending Notices Based Upon a Category Value |

Documentation For Setting 1

Documentation For Setting 2

In some states (like Pennsylvania), the legal requirements for cancellation, including cancellation notice language and length of pending-period days, are dictated by category values; for example, whether a policy's risks are commercial or personal in nature.

New settings allow users to specify different schedules for non-pay timelines and cancellation pending notices based on a category value. While these settings do not take precedence over options for new business and for renewals, they give users more options without having to create entirely separate policy types.

28 February 2018

Separate Rate & Save Button into Two Buttons in Builder | Documentation

  • The separate_rate_and_save setting divides the Save & Rate Button into two separate buttons in Builder. This allows users to build out a large schedule of properties without losing data.
  • The property_thresholds setting dictates how many properties need to be attached to a policy before the Rate and Save Button is separated into two.

25 February 2018

Google Maps Viewable on Legacy Screens | Documentation

  • Users can now view a Google Map of the risk on the Property tab of a policy.
  • If no address match is found, the map is not displayed.

21 February 2018

Printing Options Dependent Upon an Item's Premium | Documentation

  • When enabled, a new setting dictates whether or not forms will be printed for new businesses. When Print only when this item's premium is checked and a condition is selected from the drop down menu, the form may not print based upon the configuration of the setting. Examples of conditions include but are not limited to a premium that is greater than $0; greater or equal to $0; equal to $0, not equal to $0; less or equal to $0; or less than $0.

New Merged Mailings Settings | Documentation

  • The merged_mailing_doc_name setting allows the user to customize the name of the merged mailing documents and the folder.
  • The privatize_merge_mailings setting allows the user to set the Mailings folder to unlocked and viewable by the agent by default. This setting changes the default for future merged mailings, as well as scans the system and updates lock statuses for existing merged mailings.

Custom Name an Exported Report | Documentation

  • If a user selects Put in Export Queue or Export Automatically from the Export Options list when creating a new report in BriteData, the user can add a custom filename to the exported report.

Hide Custom Deliverables | Documentation

  • Users can hide selected custom deliverables from the Custom Deliverables list on a policy in order to limit the length of the list.

19 February 2018

Additions to Underwriting Rules | Documentation

  • A new Trigger Type titled Limit has been added that allows clients to target limits in their underwriting enforcements. Limit values can be added as integers or ranges.
  • A new Effect Action titled Add Popup Message has been added that allows clients to create custom popup messages with associated triggers.