This deliverable is used for notifying an insured that a claim has been received.

BriteCore Setup

By default the Claim Acknowledgement Letter does not print. However, to print the copy that appears with the claim run, or have IWS run,

#UPDATE settings SET value=1 WHERE option='print-claim-acknowledgement'

BriteCore Processing

The Claim Acknowledgement Letter generates automatically on the policy and claim when a claim's status is set to Open, Standard.

Example Wording

  • Example 1

This will serve as notice that we have received your claim that was filed under the {policy_type} for the date indicated. Our goal is to provide superior claim service and we want to assure you that every effort is being made to promptly handle this matter. You may have already been contacted by one of our claim representatives but if not, they should be in touch very soon. Please feel free to contact the adjuster or our office with any questions you might have that relate to this claim. {adjuster} will be handling your claim and your claim is {claim_number}.

  • Example 2

Please be advised that we have received a loss notice for policy {policy_number}. We have set up claim number of {claim_number} and assigned {adjuster} to investigate the loss. Someone will be contacting you soon.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact {agency} at {agency_phone}.


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