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The BriteCore office is located in Springfield, MO. Visit our website to meet our team.


Portals and Modules

BriteCore, with 2 portals and 8 modules, is an all-in-one application to manage your insurance processing needs. Any processes not native to BriteCore are fulfilled through vendor integrations.

Module Description Agent Portal Administrative Portal
Contacts Manage all system contacts and associated data X
Lines Setup of and rating for each line of business X
Policies Manage and process policies X X
Claims Manage and process claims X X
Reports Flexibly report across all modules X X
Settings Configure processes and data X X
Quoting Initiate quotes and applications X
Payments Manage sweep payments X



  • Scripting Python 2.7.9
  • Documents JINJA2 and LATEX
  • Reports Pandas and Jupyter
  • Database MySQL and Aurora
  • Key/Value store Redis
  • Messaging RabbitMQ
  • Tests Pytest and Selenium
  • Framework Web.py


  • Javascript Knockout.js and Mootools.js
  • HTML JINJA2 (deliverables templating) and Mako (screen rendering)
  • CSS CSS3 with backwards compatibility to IE9 and SCSS preprocessor


  • Servers EC2
  • Database RDS
  • File storage S3
  • Search Elastic Search
  • Load balancing Autoscale Group/Elastic load balancing
  • Caching Elasticache
  • Logs Elasticsearch/Kibana and Cloudwatch logs
  • Monitoring Datadog
  • Testing Jenkins
  • Provisioning Salt Stack (environment) and Puppet (deployment)
  • Sitewide query SSM and RunDeck
  • Repo GitHub
  • Access IAM

Amazon Web Services

Sites are hosted on Amazon Web Services.


Users may navigate BriteCore via a mouse or keyboard. BriteCore is web-based, so a Jump to Main Content feature allows for quick keyboard navigation:

  1. Access any BriteCore page
  2. Press Tab on your keyboard when the page first loads. A Jump to Main Content link will appear over the BriteCore header
  3. Press Enter on your keyboard. Your cursor will move to the first available field on the BriteCore page
  4. Type or tab to the next field

Clearing Your Cache

Browsers store information (cache and cookies) about web pages so they load more quickly. If you experience navigation issues, you may need to clear the stored information. For information on clearing your cache, see the refresh your cache site.

Attachments Tab

Attachments tabs fulfill file management needs for every module and individual contact, policy, and claim.

Folder Management

  • System-created folders for consistent processing and labeling
  • User-created folders for flexibility
  • Locking feature to restrict agent access

File Management

  • System-created files for consistent processing and labeling
  • User-uploaded files for robust record-keeping
  • Locking feature to restrict agent access to individual files


Search folders and files by full or partial name and date range.


Order folders and files by name, date added, print state, or print date.


Top Level

System-generated folders have the same name as the deliverable or report. For example, Declaration deliverables will be in the Declaration folder, and Agent Commission reports will be in the Agent Commission folder.

Middle Level

Middle level folders are only applicable to policies and claims and group deliverables by date. For example, 08-31-2015 - Declaration and 08-25-2015 - Declaration folders will be within the Declaration folder and will contain the dated files for all recipients, respectively.

Bottom Level

The dated file for each recipient.


The below illustrates the three levels as applied to policy Declarations.

Notes Tab

Notes tabs provide robust auditing for every module, individual contact, policy, and claim.

System and User

Notes are either created automatically by BriteCore because of system and user actions or manually by an Administrative Portal user.


Users can configure alerts to fire based on an action or on a specific date. Alerts appear on the screen or are emailed to designated receipients. The structure of the emailed alerts is shown below:

[title of note]
Alert for Policy: 10-2017-1
[body of note]


Notes can be filtered by alerts or creators.


Notes can be searched for by full/partial title, full/partial content, and date range.

Contact, Policy, and Claim Searching

Contact, policy, and claim searching in BriteCore uses elasticsearch. Learn more about elasticsearch generally and as applied to BriteCore specifically (engineer access only).


  • Use "" to search an exact string. For example, "01/01/2017" or "Homeowners"
  • Operators use caps. For example, to find all homeowners policies with an effective date of 01/01/2017, search "01/01/2017" AND "Homeowners"

Addresses on Policies

  • Addresses can be specifically searched by clicking View Address-Based List in the Policies module
  • Risk addresses are searchable but named insured addresses are not


Hotkeys allow contacts, policies, and claims to be accessed quickly via your keyboard.


Within BriteCore, type ? to see a summary of BriteCore's keyboard shortcuts.


Within BriteCore, type g then n (abbreviated for go to contact (name)) on your keyboard.


Within BriteCore, type g then p (abbreviated for go to policy) on your keyboard.


Within BriteCore, type g then c (abbreviated for go to claim).

  • Recently viewed records will appear and be selectable for quick access. As the user types, the system will auto-suggest contacts, policies, or claims
  • The search field will display the configured prefix for policies or claims. Press tab on your keyboard to fill in the prefix or leave it blank to search other policy or claim numbers
  • If the user is currently on a specific tab within a contact, policy, or claim and switches to a new contact, policy, or claim using the hotkey, the user will be directed to the same tab of the new policy or claim. For example, if a user is viewing the Accounts Receivable tab for policy A and switches to policy B using the hotkey, policy B will open to the Accounts Receivable tab


Contacts, policies, claims, and individual line items can be tagged for enhanced reporting. Learn more about system tagging.

Seamless Transitions

  • A quote becomes an application, which then becomes a policy. There is no need for data reentry
  • Lines of Business feed Policies which feed Claims

Consistent icons

  • Pencil for editing
  • Purple arrow for moving
  • Green + for adding
  • Red X for deleting

Tools for Clients

Robust Documentation

Community Forum


New Feature Management

More Information

Miscellaneous Settings

Debug Error Popup

When the debug-error-popup setting is enabled, a new popup replaces the default stack trace error page as pictured below. To enable this setting, contact IWS.


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