Authorize.net provides payment solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses and organizations, enabling merchants to authorize, settle, and manage credit card and electronic check transactions.

Vendor Contact

Terry Riley
Inside Sales Representative, Small Business Unit
801.492.7013 (P) | 650.286.6656 (F)

Getting started

  1. Contact Terry or start an online application
  2. Complete paperwork
    You will receive an Authorize.net email with an API Login ID and Transaction Key. If you misplace this information, you can generate a new transaction key by logging into Authorize.net’s site and navigating to Account > Settings > Security Settings > API Login ID and Transaction Key > Answer the secret question and generate a new key
  3. Set up your Authorize.net account using Authorize.net’s documentation. Below are specific settings that must be enabled in order for BriteCore to communicate with Authorize.net
    • Enable Authorize.net’s Customer Information Manager in Tools > Customer Information Manager
    • Enable the Transaction Details API in Account > Settings > Security Settings > Transaction Details API > Enable Transaction Details API
      You will need the answer to the secret question to proceed
    • Verify your Payment Form settings in Account > Settings > Transaction Format Settings > Payment Form > Form Fields
  4. Familiarize yourself with BriteCore payment processing

BriteCore Setup

  1. Navigate to Settings > Vendors > Authorize.net
  2. Check the box
  3. Enter the information
  4. Login to Authorize.net’s site and turn Test Mode off in Account > Settings > Test Mode > Button 'Turn Test Mode OFF'
  5. Contact IWS to process a test payment

BriteCore Processing

Electronic payments enter the system via sweep payments or the secureCheckout screen.


What do I do if a payment appears in Authorize.net but not BriteCore?

  1. Submit an OOPS! ticket to IWS
  2. Retrieve the policy number
  3. Enter the policy number into payments.policyNumbers
  4. Change payments.complete=1

What do I do if a payment appears in BriteCore but not Authorize.net?
Submit an OOPS! ticket to IWS.

What do I do if a payment is settled in Authorize.net but is pending in BriteCore?
Submit an OOPS! ticket to IWS.


Report unclear or missing documentation.