Setup Agency Dashboards


Dashboards provide agents with Business Intelligence tools for interactive exploration and visualization of the their key metrics and performance indicators such as Policy Counts, Written Premium, Loss Ratio, and more.

IWS Employees

Follow guidelines for Dashboards Permissions Setup.


To access dashboards (when logged in as an Agent or Agency), go to Reports > Dashboards. Once enabled, everyone gets automatic access to all dashboards, including premium data; restrictions can be applied upon request via a ticket.

By default, the Agency Experience Dashboard is displayed first. View different dashboards by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the current dashboard's name.

Agency Experience Dashboard

This dashboard shows policy and claim information, in addition to time series charts that compare current years with previous years. The following information is provided Year To Date (YTD) and broken down by Line of Business:

  • Policy Counts (Inforce, New, Canceled)
  • Written Premium (New, Renewal, Canceled) which can be restricted using permissions
  • Earned Premium, which can be restricted using permissions
  • Written Premium (New, Renewal, Canceled)
  • Losses Paid
  • LAE Paid
  • Losses Incurred
  • Total LAE Incurred
  • Claims
  • Loss Ratio
  • Beginning Loss Reserves (As of December 31 previous year)
  • Ending (As of month end)

The dashboard displays the same information as the Agency Experience PDF reports and the same settings are supported (include historical claims, loss ratio method, etc). Agents from a given agency are able to see all information (claims and policies) associated with their Agency and corresponding information.

Accessing the Agency Experience Dashboard

  1. Login as an Agent or Agency contact (depending upon your site configuration)
    Staff with an Administrator role can use the Impersonate Contact functionality on the agent or agency contact in the Administrative Portal.
  2. Within the Agent Portal, navigate to Reports > Dashboards. The Agency Experience dashboard will show by default.

Presently, this dashboard does not support Agency Group contacts. This feature will be added in the future.

Using the Agency Experience Dashboard

  1. To switch dates, click on the input box. A datepicker will be displayed and any month in the past can be selected. See below image.
  2. The data displayed depends on the value for the Policy Go To Setting.
    • If an Agent is attached to a policy, then that agent will be able to see the information for all the policies associated to the Agency (not just data about that agent).
    • If an Agency is attached to a policy, they will only be able to see information from their policies.

This dashboard only displays information for past months. Support for showing information for the current month will come in the future.

Customer Service Representatives (CSR) Dashboard

Features of this dashboard include:

  • Displays policies that are about to expire and get cancelled over different time ranges (30, 45, and 60 days).
  • Allows users to navigate directly to the policies displayed.

Dashboards Permissions Setup

By default, every dashboard is enabled for all agencies and agents who log into Agent Portal under the Reports section.

To adjust permissions, navigate to Settings > System Wide > Permissions.

The following access rules are used to control access to the Agency Experience & CSR Dashboards:

  • agent/stats/ae_dashboard
  • agent/stats/csr_dashboard
  • agent/stats/ae_dashboard/premiumData


If dashboards are disabled, permissions will be set to "None":

To enable them, click the "Read" radio button on the "agent/stats/ae_dashboard" setting:

Permission Scenarios

Display Agency Experience Dashboard & Premium Data ONLY to contacts with the Agent Role.

ps 1.png

Display Agency Experience & CSR Dashboards, & Premium Data ONLY to contacts with the Agency Group role.

ps 2.png

Display Agency Experience & CSR Dashboards & Hide Premium Data to contacts with the Agent role.

ps 3.png

While it is possible to restrict access to certain dashboard(s), permissions for agencies cannot be selective--all dashboards need enabled or disabled.

Additionally, agencies must enable dashboards for all of their agents or none of them.

Dashboards are integrated with the permissions framework, which grants control of pages and content to specific roles or users (i.e- Agent, Agency, Agency Group, etc).

Creating the Agency Experience Dashboard

Agency Experience dashboards use database tables stored in the operational BriteCore database, which are populated using exclusively DataFrames by running BriteData Py Reports (Agency Experience Backfill, Agency Experience DF, and Agency Experience Refresh). These tables have the prefix agency_experience. For creating and populating the Agency Experience tables follow these steps:

  1. Login to the leader shell and build the DFs in the supercluster using:
    • bin/ Wait for this to finish before running the next command.
    • bin/ Wait for this to finish before running the next command.
    • bin/
  2. Run the “Agency Experience Backfill” report with any date in the past (from the UI, see Figure 1):
    • bin/ -r "Agency Experience Backfill" -d "20001231"
      This will build and save all sections of Agency Experience table for all months from previous month until the first Line’s Effective Date.
  3. If you want to build for a specific month or section, run the “Agency Experience DF” with the desired date range (see Figure 2):
    • bin/ -r "Agency Experience DF" -d "20180301:20180331"

Figure 1. Agency Experience Backfill

Figure 2. Agency Experience DF


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